Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Family Christmas

Boxing Day was at my house. 

We delayed our day by an hour to let the ice melt so food was the first order of the day. As if it isn't usually :-)

Cooper's "gingermanbread cookies."

Vivi's pumpkin cupcakes. 

Anne's fruit salad. I dare anyone who had a toddler and a tv in the 2000's to say or think fruit salad without singing yummy yummy. 

I got to sit beside my nephew Sean. 

Jim made a delicious chocolate mousse 

That we used to celebrate his birthday!

Karen lead the singing

And Cooper helped put out the fire. 

Vivi in her ringette team hat. Can't wait to see her play!

I missed it but there was a measuring of height between Caleb and my nephew Erik who is currently our tallest guy. Caleb is only an eighth of an inch lower and still growing. He wants a suit but Karen told him he has to stop growing for a few months and they'll talk. I'm not sure if he's 6 four or 6 five by now. 

I was very pink!

Nothing like a game of greed. We had some new rules this year that made it an even greedier game. It's hard to know when to stop. 

The thrilling end of the game where Jim's lead went up in smoke. 

Sean brought Cooper a present. 

Cooper liked his blue elephant very much and we thought it might make a comfy pillow for when he goes on an airplane to Florida with Grandpa soon. 

Cooper signed thank you to Sean. 

Sean had a present for Mom and Dad too. 

Cooper gave Sean a cool bear because Sean is a cool bear too. 

Lots of fun with photo booth props!

Cooper got some batman headphones. 

Sean and Dad did photo booth posing too. 

And so did Todd. 

Annette and Vivi danced. 

And Cooper and Deborah high fived energetically. 

Cooper headed home

And the birthday boy took the poker game. 

Although Todd gave him a run for his chips. 

Merry Christmas!

Just in case you need a little fruit salad:

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