Sunday, 4 December 2016

Christkindl Market 2016

One my favourite events of the year is the Kitchener Chistkindl Market. This time I went upstairs and looked around there first. 

Leisure suit Santa. 

I like this picture with and without the lady's hand. 

These little piggies went to market

I went outside on the balcony (I'm sure there is a much fancier name) where I was found by Caleb and Emily!

We repaired to the Mecca of fried food. 

The bananas show you the actual size of that Nutella container. 

Emily and I had fried Mars bars and Caleb got funnel cake. 

Soooo good!

Al got some Germanic pizza :-) Sadly the turkey legs weren't ready but he said the pizza was good. 

The main event!

Al took my camera up onto the fancy balcony and got some great shots. 

There I am with my cow hat on and it's not even backwards this time! Thanks to Mary for reminding me to practice. Sadly she was a little under the weather so couldn't join us. 

A gift from the market since it's their 20th year. 

This is how much Caleb has to bend to be on the same level. 

Emily and Karen are more even. 

Two basses from the back row. 

Thanks for the traditional selfie Claudia! Al took the picture as Claudia has actually worn out her selfie stick including so many people in her smiling world. Make note Santa!

Al drove me home and checked the tulips he planted. Knock wood, no one's dug them up for a snack yet!

It's snowing tonight, but so far nothing is sticking to the ground, fingers crossed!

Check out this video of Grand Harmony and Chris Arnold singing The Grinch. It's an awesome toddler dancing version. Don't miss the little boy at the end shouting "Brava!" as he claps. 


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