Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Chickadee dee dee

Blue skies! 

The new feeder site is a hit. 

I moved closer to put a decoration on the feeder and the chickadees just didn't care how close I got.  

Interesting that in order for it to be a really good picture there has to be a light source in their eye. Not easy with these dudes. 

I thought since I was so close anyway they might land in my hand but no dice.

But my hand was directly under the feeder and they continued to go to it. It might seem more logical to take away the feeder while I try to feed them by hand but in my experience that just makes them mad. It's about choice and I like it that way.

I didn't realize how small the nut hatches actually are. This one was no bigger than a chickadee but maybe it was a young bird.

This feeder does seem to have the squirrels stymied. It is just not very comfortable to hang from though I would imagine they will keep trying. 

Reminding me that this is the optimal place to put peanuts.

But willing to adapt.

This feeder slows them down a great deal but it has a nice comfy shelf that the larger birds like Cardinals need too. 

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