Saturday, 3 December 2016

Party Central

Yesterday I had no takers at the gazebo, today the place was hopping with cheer. Our next assignment in photo club is pets and Christmas decorations but I'm not going to pretend I wouldn't be doing this stuff anyway. Also Harry should be aware and beware that I found a new Santa hat for him at the dollar store. 

was playing with flash today but what I desperately need is a hot shoe flash to attach to my camera especially since people are asking me to shoot things indoors and I am now officially a photography volunteer with long term care across the way. I start on Monday. I'm excited! I won't be able to show you the pictures for confidentially reasons but I appreciate all your positive feedback over the years which has given me the confidence to try this new role on. Thank you!

Definitely more than one squirrel taking peanuts from my hand now.

The birds got in on the Christmas action too. 


Taped to try to stand against the breeze. 

This happens many time per visit. 

But it's only the second time for this. 

Off to the Christkindl Market tomorrow!

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