Monday, 12 December 2016


Yesterday I started a sentence with "I'm going to have to talk to my squirrels" and my friend requested I stop and listen to what I was saying. But I don't apologize because I really do need a word with them. For three days I had my official Christmas card set up ready with a backdrop of snow and nobody shows up. At. All. Clearly I've fattened them up to the point where they can afford to hang out in their warm nests for a few days before they need to eat again. Problem is I now can't get over there because of snow. 

Oh well I can always photo shop them into the props and I've wanted snow for so long that it can be my subject. Love the one you're with. 


I had fun trying to catch snowflakes in the air. 


Three days ago:

These two sparrows were hilarious. The seeds are always greener where the other guy is so they were jumping over each other a lot. 

My blogging may be a little less of an every day thing when I'm busy with events at the nursing home like I am right now plus I can't get over to the gazebo but I don't intend to stop going outside whenever I can so we'll see what happens!

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