Thursday, 22 September 2016

Tilly plays scrabble

Usually my iPod that I blog from sorts my pictures in the order that I take them but today it decided that we should spread out the cuteness of Tilly throughout this post and who am I to argue?

Henry and I skyped today with my sister Anne who was at the Sea of Galilee!

Tilly had a scrabble game on the go during our photo shoot!

And some beautiful roses in her garden. 

Triple letter score!

My brand new Cardinal feeder! Too many mosquitos to sit long enough for the birds to find it. Hopefully tomorrow. 

The squirrels are going to have to chew metal to get at the food but I notice it only claims to be squirrel resistant :-)

I'll believe fall when I feel it. 

I made quite a mess filling the new feeder when I knocked it over but I don't think the chippies minded. 

Well that concludes our out of order magical Tilly ride for today!

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