Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Fun at the Moose

Here finally are the rest of the pictures from a special day earlier this summer. After the park we headed to Moose Winoski's for supper. 

Cooper wasn't in to being tickled by Lizzy's feather. 

But karen played along well. 


The sky let loose but people stayed out. 

Lizzy had been seeing people wear the moose hat and REALLY wanted to wear it as well. So we made it happen. 

However it was getting a little later 

So Lizzy wasn't really for it any longer. 

So we switched it up and Heather wore it. 

Much better!

Try again with less fanfare!


We passed it around and Karen made good use of it. 

It got to Deb which was good because she'd actually had a birthday recently. 

Then it really really poured. 

And people had to come in. 

Cooper enjoyed the fire out of a smore. 

Someone at the next table got a pie in the face which Lizzy and Cooper absolutely loved but we weren't fooled into thinking that meant they wanted one. 

I missed Cooper standing with his hands in the air yelling "THEY GOT A PIE IN THE FACE!"

Time for a little tap the frog game action. 

We waited out the rain. 

Then the good byes. 

And we thought that was the end of a fun day but turned out there was a very special time of just sheer joy outside splashing in puddles. 

Those pictures are here:

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