Monday, 5 September 2016

Family day

Yesterday was fun. It started with my dear nieces humouring me with a photo shoot. We usually hang out at the gazebo  but luckily there were already people there which meant we found a new playground. 

Two grade 8's and a grade 5 starting tomorrow. 

Hopefully we didn't give any people watching (there are always people watching) heart attacks with our heights. Although I guess you can't really see how high they were. 

Maybe more of an idea from this one:

Then over to Henry and Marcia's for poker night. 

And to celebrate the return of Caleb who had been away all summer where he turned 16. 

My sky writing with a street light. 

Mike daring to eat a tomato and kind of liking it. 

Henry is drying peppers on a fishing line and I love how they look. 

They have a few apples too. 

But Mary Lynn's Rose Mallow flowers are growing exuberantly from just three plants 

We can't plant them at her grave marker so Henry placed a marker here and we spent some time with her. 

I was soon chased indoors by bugs and we had a great potluck supper and poker game. 

Ava had a remarkable number of three of a kinds. 

But in the end...

Her Papa won. 

But not before we staged the dream outcome. 

Happy back to school everyone!

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