Saturday, 10 September 2016

Victoria park splash park

Still refusing to go outside because of all the humid and bugs so I'm very grateful to the people who have gotten me to the pool this week. 

So please enjoy some unseen pictures from July at the splash park. 

Lizzy always likes to find the button that controls the water. 

Cooper would only commit to the mist not the full on splash which required careful timing. 

Lizzy was giving us acting faces. We'd say an emotion and she'd come up with it. 

Speaking of acting, He eather recently sent this picture and writes:

"Lizzy was playing 'Paw Patrol' outside while I made supper. She was yelling 'Help! Help!'. When I got there I realized she had set up the fall, so I (Rubble), could rescue her. Then we did it 10 more times!!"

The carefully strewn purses are a great touch!

Back to July. 

Nothing like a found feather for fun. 

Tickle tickle

Off to the moose for supper where we'll still have more pictures another time. 

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