Saturday, 3 September 2016

This week

I haven't been over to the gazebo area a lot lately mostly because it was hot, then we had some nicer days with lower than 10000% humidity and it still wasn't/isn't fun because the bugs are back with a vengeance. They seem to love the goldenrod a great deal and me even more. 

So mostly Harry and I are walking at night. But I do have a few pictures from the last week. 

A hidden community building lady bug: 

Haven't found more than two and I saw one of those being placed. I actually went out purposely yesterday to look for more and didn't find any. They might be trying too hard. 

Pretty sure it's safe to feed the chippies and squirrels again a little according to this article anyway:

Whatever you put out for birds they're going to join in anyway. 

I've wanted to get a squirrel up here for ages and apparently holding back is the way to make it happen. 

Too close to focus but I like the whiskers.  

This guy dropped a peanut

Chirped once

And grabbed another to go. 

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