Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Not feeding the squirrels

Looks like the new bylaw about not feeding wildlife won't really be affecting me. They are targeting people who are putting out big bags of food not people like me who feed a few peanuts when they want a picture. I will though still continue to not be feeding anything on my porch because we've been asked not to to prevent property damage and I understand and appreciate that. 

I also don't want any wild animal to get dependant on what I do. 

Having said that, today I tried just putting food in the bird feeder and a bit on the railing for the chickadee. Saw a grand total of one bird. 

I talked with a nice lady who was so sad because her chippy did not understand why she had no peanuts for it. It takes them from her hand. 

I thought maybe he'd find the seed on the railing but he mostly moped around looking in the usual places. 

This chappy also checked the usual places

And asked many times if I was sure I didn't want to throw a peanut. 

Maybe over here?

Or here?

But maybe

Just maybe

There's food

Up here!

Thanks anyway

I'm good here. 

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