Monday, 29 August 2016

Dear Lizzy

Hi Lizzy, aunt Ruthe here. Do you remember me? This is me and your mummy with a moose behind us

Do you remember the day you played at uncle Al and aunt Mary's back yard?

You met a big dog named Max

Logan finished your apple 

Most of all you and Cooper played in the warm rain. 

You even kissed a bear!

Logan wore his "Off to Grandma's house" shirt

And he smiled for me

And uncle Jim

And Cooper. 

That was a fun day wasn't it!

Today I saw that you went to visit some nice animals now that you are back home in Scotland. 

You are an excellent tourist, carrying all the bags and the map. 

You milked a pretend cow

Logan liked the donkeys. 

You went up a really biiiiig hill. 

And you took this wonderful picture of your mummy and daddy. Not many people who are two can take such a good picture! I'm proud of you. 

You saw ponies

And a sheep that someone had coloured on!

You saw a coo that needed to wear a barrette on its forehead to keep its hair out of its eyes. 

You petted this sheep until it butted you with its head. Bump!

You drove a tractor and gathered wood just like Grandpa!

What fun days you have Lizzy!

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