Sunday, 14 August 2016

A good day for birds

This guy was eating a thistle right beside the sidewalk and did not care in the slightest how close I got to him. 

Important to get as many chippy and squirrel pictures as I can for my stories before August 28th when big brother city of Kitchener plans on passing a bylaw prohibiting feeding wildlife. 

You can still have birds feeders which are essentially also rodant feeders but you're supposed to sweep up any seeds the birds drop. 

This will be policed by neighbours informing on each other so there's no point in trying to get away with it around here that's for sure!

Mr and Mrs Cardinal were very active today. 

wish I'd been a little closer - can you see her on the pink flowers?

No missing this guy. 

The squirrels are quite freaked out by the toys - chippies not so much!

Found my first lady bug. They've been hiding them around campus to build community. 

The pups and Ty Rux investigate the case of the empty bird feeder. 

The pups at Pippa Pig's house which will be photoshopped in. 

The final party scene, seeds for all!  

Now the big job of going through all my story pictures from the last months to see what story emerges and what I still need.  

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