Saturday, 6 August 2016

A day at the lake

On Thursday morning my friends Pari and Linda and I rose at hyper early o'clock to visit our friends Sharon and Angela up on Lake Simcoe. 

Our gracious hostesses. And I do mean gracious!

I had the privilege to meet Angela's handsome son Jacson and his kitty Daisy. 

After freshly made peach muffins and scones...

We headed across the street to enjoy the view of the lake that generous neighbors allowed us. 

Jacson and another good friend Stephanie pictured later were dog sitting these two wonderful little fellows. 

Thanks for taking these pictures Angela I really enjoyed our camera talks. 

Back over to Sharon's beautiful backyard. 

The boys joined us. 

This is Stephanie with her charge. 

All the ladies like pictures of the others more than their own but I think they are all beautiful. 

Love Sharon's footwear fashion statement.  

And Jacson's energy. 

A beautiful sandwich loaf that's made especially for Pari. 

Time to eat again!

Delicious fondue. 

There's lunch now too! Not everything was on the table yet. 

Salmon egg and ham. Quite delicious. 

Oh and don't forget dessert!

Best tarts ever!

My dessert plate that I brought home. 

We met another great friend called Heather and Jacson's dad Colin and later Daisy and I had a chat. 

Altogether a splendid day with friends at the top of the hospitality game. Thank you!

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