Friday, 19 August 2016

This and that

Meanwhile back in Scotland little Logan is chuffed to be on a piece of playground equipment even if it's just for a picture. 

Lizzy is thrilled to have her daddy back

And happily visiting bears. 

It's behind me isn't it?

Could not be prouder of this budding photographer. 

She also saw her very first movie in the theatre. 

As did Coop last week! They both saw Finding Dory and had a great time. 

Yesterday's kid story pictures will revolve around these acorns I found. 

Only one more week to get squirrel pictures if the new - don't feed the wildlife bylaw goes through but I can hardly force myself to go out in the heat. Just so thoroughly over it. 

love the extreme caution the toys inspire. 

But the call of the peanut is strong. 

The true threat comes from another squirrel barging in. 

Not the usual costumer. 

Night walks provide less to point at but are interesting nevertheless. 

Not sure if this was lightning or not. 

This was Henry's last day in Scotland before he takes the ferry to Ireland and remarkably his first rainy day. 

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