Saturday, 27 August 2016

An afternoon with a blue jay family & a bunny

Very excited to see an exuberant family of blue jays today after the human jays won their game. 

But first the usual suspects. 

Get used to seeing lots of chickadees. Once I can't feed the squirrels anymore I'm going to be working on feeding these guys by hand. They've been flying pretty close to me and I'm putting the food in the same place every day. 

They sit up here for a few seconds before they come down to eat. 

This is when the Jay family flew in. If you pay attention to their heads you can see they are different birds. 

Pretty sure some of them were kids. 

Apparently their feathers are not really blue, it's how the light shines through them that makes them appear blue. If you crushed a blue feather it would look brown. Who knew?

I saw how close they were willing to come and threw some food. I was excited when they took the bait. 

Don't know how I'm supposed to keep the banned wildlife from joining in once the bylaw passes. A "no shoes no shirt no rodents" sign? Not sure they can read. 

Bunny! Don't see them much because they're not interested in anything I'm handing out. Just passing through. 

And while I had no chickadee takers today

One squirrel came very close, you can just see him leaving. That was a surprise. Ironically I imagine that'll be more common as I stop feeding them. 

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