Wednesday, 10 August 2016

The past few days and good bye

These pictures are from a few days ago before the heat wave came back. I am so over summer. But then I was before it started. Hopefully we'll get some rain tomorrow to take pictures in. 

Anyway this little chippy girl was a fantastic poser with the doll that is going to be my great niece Claire I think. 

Clearly something is lost and needs to be found. 

Real life Claire is quite a creative person and has helped me write part of the story. Story Claire can communicate with  birds so I wanted to get her close to some. 

This as close as I got a chickadee to come to the doll but I think I can get them closer yet. 

I like how this finch seems to be looking at the doll. 

A chat with a squirrel too. 

Harry and I were out that afternoon too. 

But mostly we have more successful and much much further walks after dark. 

And it's a good time to play with glow sticks. 

Harry led us past the gazebo 

Harrison loves to walk on these ledges. 

And today he made it all the way to the wall. 

Where we sat. 

And sat. 

And sat. 

And sat. 

And I didn't mind because it wasn't a hot night, I was listening to the Jays and zero bugs so yay!

On Monday I had a lovely bonus wing supper with Heather. 

Should have let heather hold the camera as she had sun glasses on but I did get a moose on my shoulder. 

After being attacked by a pterodactyl at the lake last week. 

Sure going to miss Heather and the kids but I still have tons of pictures to go through and Heather's great at keeping in touch. It's a don't cry because it's over, be glad it happened (and will again!) moment. (Although we might cry little bit)

Anne at the Wendy's near the airport getting some last minute love. 

A few more pictures courtesy of Henry who is going on this trip too so really our visit is extended even more!

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