Monday, 8 August 2016

What I've been up to

Just want to show you why I've been working with glow sticks and blogging a bit less. I've started a blog for the photography club I belong to and it's my job to post our pictures and write up suggestions for the next month's assignment. 

This is the assignment for September. 

Next time you're at the dollar store pick up a few glow sticks and have some fun too.   

We'll be taking pictures of glow sticks as the assignment for our next meeting on September 12th at 3pm. 

There are only two rules:

1. Wait till dark
2. Have a glow stick or three

But... since you can do this in a darkened windowless room during the day and you could use a sparkler there aren't really any rules. (Sparklers can burn fingers so glow sticks are recommended.) 

You will need to turn the flash off on your camera. (Google your camera's brand name and "how do I turn off my flash" if you forget how.)

If you want to do exact things like make letters and words in the dark...

you'll likely need a large camera (DSLR) and a tripod to keep it still. 

Here are some tips from Tristan if you do have a large camera: 
•Steady Camera
•No Flash
•Manual Focus 
•Adjust ISO depending on light source (for glow sticks might need to boost the ISO)
•Aperture FS -11 (so photos are not blurry) 
•Long Exposure (10-30 seconds)

But you can do a LOT of fun things with your smaller point and shoot!


Read the do's and don'ts on the glow stick package. 

Unless you live in the country it's easier to get complete darkness indoors. You'll need to cover up electronic lights 

And unless you have blackout curtains you'll need to wait for dark. But If you just can't get total darkness have fun with that! It's fun to see a bit of the person who is waving the stick.

Get a friend or a group of friends to wave the glow sticks

But you can easily wave them with your non camera hand too. If you shake your camera all the better!

Use more than one colour glow stick at a time if you'd like and start moving!

(The glow sticks that you're not moving will show up too.)

Put the sticks near your face for cool effects. 

Take pictures of the sticks when they are still too

Use the necklace and bracelet joiners that come in the package. 

Make a pattern on the floor or a table. 

Now move your camera like crazy. See - you can do this on your own!

Put the sticks inside something you can see through. This is a 2litre pop bottle. The more we crunched the bottle the better the effect. Try video, rolling that bottle worked well. 

These pictures were taking with the overhead lights on but inside a black garbage bag. 

Using iPad photo booth is fun too. 

Tristan and Melissa's glow stick art:

It works with a flash light too!

We look forward to seeing what you come up with and expect a glowing report! 

Next meeting is September 12 at 3pm. 
Please email 5-6 glow stick pictures to Melissa the week before or bring them to the next session to share with the group.


Our campus has been invaded by cute stone ladybugs hidden all around. Take your camera with you and see if you can capture a few. It's our own little friendly neighbourhood version of Pokemon! Send the pictures in to Melissa if you find one. 

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