Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Chickadees and sturdy bubbles

I bought a new toy when we were in the states on Saturday. 

Not sure what makes the gloves or bubbles different but you can in fact hold them for about 30 - 60 seconds. 

It's certainly not easy. There can't be any wind and I sure wouldn't give it to a kid and expect them to juggle the bubbles which is probably why I found it in a deep discount store but with some practice I think it's going to work very well for winter bubbles. I'm excited!

They've put up a few of these hummingbird feeders which is cool. Hope the birds find them. 

This meant that the finch feeder got moved so I got a close up of the chickadees. 

Unlike the finches they break the seeds open by hitting them repeatedly on the perch. 

The finches felt I was to close to the new location 

And hung around the old empty post. 

I'm just flat out enjoying my squirrels this week as I won't be able to feed them directly next week when the bylaw goes through. 

Mind you we can still feed birds which in reality just means creative intelligence enrichment for squirrels and chippies. 

But for sure I'm going to get some impatient looks and prompts when I stop handing out peanuts. 

That's a dragon fly sailing above these shrubs

Found another lady bug 

Well to be honest I saw them putting it out or I'm not sure I'd have seen it. I keep forgetting to look for them. 

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