Thursday, 25 August 2016

A really great rain

It started teeming buckets this afternoon when I was across the way. 

Even I don't walk out in rain like that

So I stayed inside the building and took pictures out windows for a while. 

Again it's hard to actually show the rain

But this one gives a good representation 

It finally slowed down enough that I could go outside if I stayed under cover. 

And then I made it over to the gazebo area. 

I was thrilled to see hummingbirds at the new feeders! And they didn't seem to mind me being there. 

The finches are still ticked off about their feeder being moved from this post and that it's now too close to me when I'm in the gazebo. Hoping to get permission to move it to a safe distance. 

This chippy delicately peeled the skin off the peanut as it ate it. 

Grateful for the variety of experience that rain brings. 

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