Thursday, 11 August 2016

Rain and star showers

I know I don't really have the chance to get pictures of the meteor showers because there's just so much light around here but I took my camera along anyway on what has now become our usual after dark walk. 

It was still wringing humid and feels like 36 at 9pm even though it had rained but Harry braved the wet grass and away we went. 

These stars were more of a sure thing. 

Fireworks in the long grass. 

I did get a couple of stars. 

But I had a lot more fun moving the camera around. 

And using the moon to write letters. 

This is just for me so I can remember where the camera was set. 

Earlier in the evening...

Henry and Heather and the kids made it home safe and sound. 

And Henry saw his shadow for a minute or two. 

And did some exploring on zero sleep. 

Here's a link to his blog if you want to bookmark it and follow his trip. He's going to Ireland too and will be seeing some unbelievable scenery. Areas in Scotland that even Heather has not visited. 

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