Sunday, 28 August 2016

The last (peanut) supper

I wasn't going to go over today because it's just too blasted humid and our recent rain has rejuvenated the bugs. But I think the ban on feeding wildlife will happen tomorrow so I went anyway. Plus also in his sermon today our pastor said we should go outside and look at birds and flowers so...  apparently I'm getting that part right :-)

I only had one squirrel today and that's ok. Yesterday was the big family party. 

The finches were really busy everywhere and well camouflaged in our yellow and green zone. 

Mrs Cardinal didn't pose long. 

Sitting on a thistle. 

The finches were chasing the humming birds away. This used to be their post and they are not having it. 

The mourning doves were having a mixer today. There were four of them. 

Eat up everyone!

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