Friday, 23 September 2016


Some pretty good pictures today I think and a whole new level of closeness to the chippies! 

So I come around the corner and behold - the first creature at my brand new squirrel resistant bird feeder:

I really don't mind and I do think it will slow them down. Kind of like kids in school that need enrichment. I think the point is that they can't break it.

The chickadees love it too though.

So I have been seeing chipmunks taking peanuts from other people's hands and figured I would give it a try too.

This tough guy had to finish his cigarette first.

They actually try to knock it out of your hand rather than grab it with their mouth.

Looks like he is saying thanks but actually thought I had another one to give him.

In the following picture the chipmunk was actually on top of my hand but I didn't manage to quite get that picture!

These two guys were running around in circles trying to chase each other away.

I finally ran out of peanuts in the shell so this guy took matters into his own hands.

I have decided that a group of chipmunks should be called a brazen.

A little bit of rain to top off a really fun walk.

It was just so lovely to be able to sit outside longer since there were less bugs due to the lovely cooler weather. 

Those conditions meant to that Harrison and I could have a really good two hour night walk. We got a little too close for comfort to a skunk! But nobody attacked anybody and the only thing that startled Harrison was discovering that he could open an automatic door. Hope that skunk doesn't discover the same thing!

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