Monday, 26 September 2016

Rain day and more apple picking

Got out for just a little bit today in the lovely rain. 

Chippy sized entrance? Smarty pants! I'm still figuring it out myself, hopefully just a fluke. 

Love trying to catch them in the air. 

I love these red flowers. There's only one plant with three flowers. Anybody know what they are?

Had fun tonight at Mother's Pizza with good friends. The Monday special was any size pizza with any toppings you want. So we all went big and now we have leftovers for forever!

More pictures from Saturday's apple fun. 

The hockey stick method. 

Lots of fun trying to get everyone looking forward 

Much less smiling. 

Close enough!

Love these two. 

After this we headed to Deborah's garden. So grateful she shares her beautiful place with us!

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