Sunday, 25 September 2016

Underwater Birds

There's finally a touch of fall happening. 

You'll have to trust me there was a a bluejay sitting in this tree. I waited for a while but the gnats kept me going. 

Very very pleased to see there was still food in this feeder that I two thirds filled on Thursday. The old style green and brown feeder was filled on Friday and it was completely empty so I think this feeder is slowing some of the critters down. 

The squirrels will eat a grape if I'm stingy with the peanuts. 

But they'll drop it instantly if there's a chance of a nut. 

I experimented with a tomato today. 

Chippie rejected both. 

Squirrel made do with the grape. 

I'm not saying that the critters aren't still trying but it's harder work. 

Comfortable today but still fighting off bugs. 

This birds plate and table were moving a mile a minute. 

Disgruntled that I was paying more attention to the birds. 

The chickadees are letting me get pretty close. Still thinking about trying to feed one by hand but right now all they can think about is the new feeder. 

Love how you can see the purple through the tail. 

Chippies were not having any hand feeding today. That was then this is now. 

Harry had a rare daylight walk today. Day walks are much much shorter, involve eating more grass, and today, coming inside and throwing it up. Thanks buddy. 

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