Friday, 5 September 2014

Duck duck swan

No way was I going outside in this heat so here are the rest of my pictures from my awesome day with Melanie a few Sundays ago.

The ducks were reeeeeally sleepy.

I had brought a Baggie of popcorn and this guy got most if it. He'd pose but then I'd get the fork it over look.

I wasn't intimidated, but have learned since that a swan can break and adults arm. However I think the key is to not show fear.

This wasn't actually snorkeling for popcorn and he did it too often to be drinking.

A few ducks woke up enough to get some popcorn too.

But they still looked sleepy.

Don't think this looks right.

But hopefully it's just a rugged individualist.

Here's Mr. nose hair again:

And finally as I kept taking pictures of whatever they were doing under the water I caught a bit of chocolate milk though the nose action.

Love taking pictures of birds.

After a delicious supper we took quite a meandering way home.

Sunday night is party night.

Sorry Brent but these guys looked cooler than anyone in the band at your reception.


Just go here and see the cutest rat ever.

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