Thursday, 25 September 2014

Thistle down day

That first one was just to see if you are awake! Now we'll go more in order.

Have you ever wondered if squirrels like corn?

Silly question!

My favorite tree branch:

We'll be following its progress I'm sure.

Leaf imprint?

Nope. Flower shadow.

I tried out taking video of these thistles today. I'd really love it if you would check it out by clicking here. Only a minute long.

I love that the thistledown didn't fly away right off the bat. Hung out with me for a little while.

I find the video on my big camera quite challenging to use, I'm sure you are meant to use a tripod, but the quality is pretty spectacular. It is of course degraded somewhat by uploading it.

My friend asked me the other day what ragweed looks like so I looked it up.

I used to think it was this:

But that's Goldenrod.

Here is the culprit that is making you sneeze.


I love it when the sun points out flowers to me.

It doesn't care if they're in their prime.

And it gives equal time to leaves and spiderwebs, but we'll see the webs tomorrow.

Time for the cat walk.

Yes we sat so long under the same tree that I have resorted to taking pictures of the slow moving vehicle/cat leash warning system. And hey, the sun was giving it some love.

Yeah, we're not going anywhere.

I went out again once more later without Harry. It truly is too glorious to stay inside and the wheelchairs were out full force today.


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