Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Goodnight Simon

Had a lovely time with my sister in law Mary this morning then a nice walk with Harry despite the continued grey.

Emily had some sad news the other day. Her fish Simon is no more. Simon was a great fish and we'll miss him.

I'm a firm believer in continuing the love so I'm glad glad she has a new fish that she named Archie.

Looks like he will fit right in.

Some of you never met my cats that I had before Harry. I was looking for something else tonight and I found these pictures instead.

That's Bella (with Peachie Keen) and she was pretty awesome. All girl and all cat. Her brother Qwinnie was the best too.

I lost them within 2 months of each other from different illnesses. Emily was only 6 or 7 when they died and she told Karen that she was going to pray every night for Jesus to make them alive again. Can't beat that for support :-)

If you want to meet Qwinnie and Bella this is their video.

I miss them but I wouldn't have missed this little guy for the world either.

Made myself a meme out of one of my favorite pictures from last week.

Or beauty.


For the recipe click here

Although this is what I kinda think about talking about Christmas in September:

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