Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Rain and light

Finally some good rain in the afternoon.

Harry got caught out on the porch in it for a tiny bit so there was some pointed drying going on as I didn't hear it right away.

I dried him with a towel and headed out.

Later on it was dry enough for Harry again so we went looking for the last light.

You're not really supposed to take pictures into the light but I had fun with it tonight.

No special effects, just slid the shadow bar across.

Not something that could have happened in automatic or with JPEG's.

Then we hunted some doves.

Was actually a biker that spooked them not us.

Harry got to sniff where they had been.

Still mostly green but some colours are creeping in.

Susan's roses have made a big comeback. Might have to head back when there's sun.


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