Saturday, 20 September 2014


First things first, today was little Lorelai in Alberta's first birthday party.

I think this is how we should all eat cake:

Why yes I did get a new app why do you ask?

Short walk today. Was busy cleaning inside. You heard me! Ha!

Harry parked himself in this flowerbed for quite a while so I played with focus.

Then we came in and played pirate.

Okay. I don't really mind this game but now I get to play with your glasses mom:

This seems a natural point to do a cancer roundup since I used a pirate theme to get through my treatments.

There's not a lot to say except things are great as far as all the tests and that's really all that matters.

I continue to have sores in the radiated area 100% of the time and they really hurt. There's always a chance that they are cancer and not just radiation sores. Bottom (ha!) line is that that's really hard but life is really sweet. It's a win in my books.


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