Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Working for less than peanuts

I encountered this girl? on my cat-less walk today. These first two pictures were her saying boo. I was so close that I'm surprised the camera shot at all.

Now we're back at a more normal boundary distance using the long lens.

I really should start carrying some peanuts to pay for this long of a photo shoot.

Sometimes I just can't choose between the JPEG and RAW pictures. The JPEG's are often more vibrant but you can see a lot more detail in the second RAW one.

If I take the time I can almost always make the RAW one look better but I don't always feel like it. Nevertheless I like shooting in both and a fair amount of the time the larger RAW format is usable when the JPEG is not.

Saw this cat approaching before it saw me or maybe it just didn't care.

It was headed over to the no cat patio. I tried to warn it but again - didn't care.

Saw my first monarch today. Mostly just a blur.

Coincidentally my niece Deborah sent me this today:

Wish I lived closer to her!

I also saw a few moths.

But they're pretty busy too.

These red flowers are almost as hard to capture in the sun as butterflies.

Just really really red!

Seems like somebody's getting the Christmas decorations out a little early.

By this time Harrison was half crazed with the need to get outside which is why I go for my walk first.

Mighty hunter caught himself a dragonfly, patted it and left it to live.


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