Thursday, 18 September 2014

Mighty hunter

A beautiful day for three walks.

Don't know what bird this tail belonged to but he was a big noisy one.

Harry came out again for a bird hunt.

Don't worry he will never harm a bird or a chippy or a squirrel or your flower bed. But truly the leash is all about protecting him. Never the less he feels like a rockstar hunter. Shhh don't tell he's not :-)

But as you can see he gets pretty close sometimes.

My newest challenge for myself is to stand or walk on the spot instead of sit down while Harry hunts or ponders life. Something I wouldn't have dreamed of last year. Pretty sure my knee is now a hundred percent straight. I don't have any hyperextension (straighten your knee and you will see what I mean) but that's more than okay. It occurred to me today that I may have to get the lift taken out of my orthotics from when my knee was bent so much more. Cool.

The last time I saw the surgeon he said that my other knee looks like it could use replacing on the X-ray but I am not ready for that. I'm just grateful that after 3 replacements this one is finally ready to go.


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