Monday, 1 September 2014

Serious fun

We had a bonus day at the water park today. We were really happy that Dana and Cooper could come.

It was humid but kinda cool especially the water in the little kids section.

Nevertheless Cooper was determined to have fun.

As Karen said, the slides were okay if it hadn't been for the pesky water.

These pictures are little sad right now but they're going to be hilarious in a few years.

It wasn't possible to take a picture of me inside the slides that I came down but I'm pretty sure it would've look something like this except with pink toenails:

He thought about it, and went right back at it.

Honest to goodness I promise this boy does smile. He's very funny and likes to make little toddler jokes.

But playing is serious stuff.

The funwrx inside went quite a bit better. There was no stopping and he eschewed the toddler area for doing a LOT of laps of the whole area.

Caleb did a great job of keeping up while Dana got to do the outside water slides with Emily.

Round round they went!

See, still serious but could not have been happier.

Protective big cousin.

I think they will both sleep well tonight.

Cooper was happy to see Harry again.

He was pretty sure he should wear a sweat band.

Harry not so much.

I hope everyone has a great back to school tomorrow. Teachers and kids a like.


Coolest dog ever?

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