Friday, 26 September 2014

Seeing red

I can't stop noticing these red flowers.

They've pretty much taken over their corner.

Anybody know what they are? Google has failed me.

I know it looks like I've used some sort of cartoonish filter but other than cropping them I've hardly touched them.

They make me think of my dad. One of the last health experiments he did was wear red all the time and grow tomatoes at Karen's with red plastic over the ground. Not sure it worked but it was a fun diversion from the fact that he was dying.

Speaking of red...


How's about a little green as a palette cleanser?

Gotta love these people:

In the shade but still oozing light:

Orange isn't too shabby this year either.

I feel a meme coming on with this quote:

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. - Albert Camus

I won't be the first or last. But not tonight. Getting up at the crack of dawn to break in my new passport.

Still fascinated by thistles too.

I think I'll leave the spider web pictures other than this one for another day.

I'll be sure to give a "spider ahead" warning cause Mrs Spider was home today and she had a house guest that won't be leaving. Very circle of lifey.

I think somebody found a new chippy hole.

And look! Emily's back doing bridges! She's keeping it safe though, doesn't want another broken thumb. Proud of her!


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