Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Being social at The Social

Well we have a slightly different theme for the blog tonight! Three of my friends and I went to be in the audience of the tv show The Social. 

First of all, we were asked to dress up, something you seldom see me do. For me that wasn't too time intensive. My wedding-going outfit, fresh toenails and I was out the door. My personal pedicure artist/niece is on holiday so I was on my own! Didn't do too badly I don't think. 

But I don't want to make a habit of it, I like Emily's work better. 

Driving in from Kitchener:

A billboard for the movie The Man From Uncle, from which two stars were on the show today. 

With an accident, Blue Jay fever and the Parapan Am games going on traffic was not great but Kathy got us there in time. 

The audience warm up guy was awesome and really made us want to cheer. We thought we were pretty cool but when I see our faces in the crowd we were pretty darn animated. 

We could take pictures anytime except when the show was on. 

We were surprised that for all but one segment they moved the furniture around to be right in front of us instead of moving the cameras to different corners. 

Everyone seemed really nice including when the cameras were not on which is what made it so much fun I think. 

This was our audience warm up guy. I REALLY wish I knew his name. He was so warm and funny. This was his dancing face...

But this is more what we saw most of the time:

Just sorry I didn't catch his pink Converse shoes. 

I really can't say enough about him. Maybe since the show is all about social media I'll send them a link to this blog and see if this reaches him cause he needs a raise!

I can't say enough about the co hosts and guests either. They were so warm and funny. 

If they weren't having fun they fooled me. 

Heading home.

Some screen shots from the show:

I'm blue in a sea of red. 

Kathy mostly stayed out of camera range somehow but here she is peaking through. 

Well the whole audience wasn't animated I guess:

Kidding, that was a graphic to support a point. The show is very live but written ahead to some degree or they wouldn't have graphics ready or stay in time constraints. But they really encouraged us to participate and clap or holler anytime at all. There was no applause light. One of the producers just started clapping when they came back from commercial and we took it from there and ran with it. We rocked!

Look at me! Arms in the air clapping!

Maureen said she was only going to smile once then read her book but clearly that plan fell through!

We needed to get going - you could stay and have your picture taken with the hosts - but I got to shake Lainey's hand before we left. 

Such a fun day!

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