Friday, 21 August 2015

The best bus I ever missed

It's been a long (very fun) day and I have a cold (Harrison has not grown any fonder of me coughing and sneezing since the last time I was doing it) so I'm not going to look at my myriad of pictures tonight but here are just a few. 

First of all Henry and I were planning on taking the casino bus to Niagara Falls. He tried it out a few weeks ago and it went without a hitch. We turned up at the mall in good time and waited in line with some very nice people. 

Let me use the pigeons waiting for the bus at the falls to illustrate what happened. 

Here are all the people who called in to register ahead of time:

Here's Henry and me: 

And yes it's Henry and me not Henry and I. Take the other persons name out of the sentence and write it how you would say it. Unless they've changed it, in which case, never mind. 

No matter, it was a beautiful day for a drive and away we went in Henry's car. It meant we could go further afield and of course I took a ton of pictures. But fast forward to later in the day and we were in the beautiful town of Niagara on the Lake. Think St Jacobs but with less Mennonite hunting and more ice cream. 

Cow's Ice cream. The happiest and saddest place on earth at the same time. Last time I was in one was in PEI the day after the funeral. But ML would want us to enjoy it. 


Henry somehow spotted a gelato store across the way so we had frozen-dessert off. I have to say his pistachio gelato took the title. It was also more expensive which I didn't think was even possible. 

The people watching was the best I've ever known. There was also a littler spotted dog with pink ribbons walking in front of the big spotted dog. These people were not attention shy.  

Sometimes people amaze me. Just sorry I didn't get the actual falls in the picture but it was really misty there and it does kind of represent the drop into nothingness he was playing with:

I dunno but when you're taking a picture with a phone is two feet going to make a difference? Go to bed Ruthe you're grumpy. 


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