Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Horse shoe day with Paul & Shanna

On Sunday before the giant roomba of doom over bingemans- when it was still a nice day we headed out to Anne's for some more time with Paul and Shanna. 

Anne and Len have two horse shoe pits so that was the activity. 

Looking up the rules:

It was a great setting for me to practice my portraits. 

Anne kept a fine tradition of Mom's fancy potato salad going. 

And Len grilled up some fine burgers. 

Karen brought Nutella icing cupcakes. 

Emily took these flower pictures!

And looked stunning against this backdrop. 

I gave it a shot. 

Not something my arms wanted to do more than about three shots but it was fun. 

Caleb got a ringer!

Never did catch the little birds skimming the field but I like the shots anyway. 

Anne was able to show off the newest family history book compiled by our cousins. 

Her Rose Mallow are doing well now while mine are waning. 

Y'all come back now hear?!


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