Thursday, 13 August 2015

Deborah and TJ in Scotland part one

Lizzy and Heather had some wonderful company on their way home! Deborah and TJ accompanied them for a two week holiday. 

So neat that they caught Lizzy's reaction to seeing her Dad Gary after so long. 

I'm not going to be able to tell you where all the pictures were taken but Deborah is really good at capturing the look and feel of a place and I enjoy that as much as knowing where's where. 

Having said that this is the Old Course at St Andrews one of the oldest most famous courses in the world. It has a pretty fascinating history. It was opened on the 1400's but closed for a while in 1457 because King James ll felt young men were playing too much golf instead of practicing their archery. King James lV opened it up again in 1502. Some holes were played in both directions at the same time so I imagine yelling before you shot was key. 

A mere 500 or so years later in 2014 they have allowed the first women to join the club. It is a test run to see how estrogen affects the grass. I made that last part up. I think it's only the clubhouse that had remained all male not the courses. 

In any event this was just after The Open was played and the stands were being taken down and Lizzy had free range. 


Haggis burger! Deborah said it was good. I think it looks like it would need a certain quantity of ketchup:-)

Next up another time some great beach shots. And yes it was this cold while we were having our heat wave. 

My pictures from the last few days. 

Hummingbird through the screen door. 

More concerned with ants than the squirrel:

Chris's lively feeder. Watching it doesn't produce even as much hummingbird time than mine does. 

The hens and chicks got a new home. 

Makes me nervous when he does this:

Some of you aren't going to like this:

Not. Going. Anywhere. 

Luckily Tilly and Callum (Susan's Grandson) came along and even though Tilly was much calmer than ever Harrison was still motivated to head on home. Thanks Tilly! And it was lovely to meet Callum!


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