Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Continuing our theme of hummingbirds in front of Rose of Sharon blooms, here are some Rose of Sharon blooms. 

Yes there's a hummingbird and a bloom in these next pictures but mostly there are cars because I'm apparently not allowed to sit at the car-less angles. 

So it's through the screen door again. However...

Even though it was too far away, one of them sat in a tree for me for 6 seconds!

And once again it's fanciful but it felt like Mom saying hello on her birthday because Mountain Ash were her favorite trees as there was one in a lane where she grew up. 

Chris's pretty roses. 

When your cat loves sniffing cedar this much...

You have a lot of time to take pictures of grass. 

Soon my pretties:

I'm enjoying looking at more of Deborah's Scotland pictures and will have them on the blog soon. I like looking up information about the sights. Just so much I didn't know. 


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  1. I think "Mountain Ash" were the trees that lined my Grandma Goodbrand's laneway in Paris. Those berries were the BEST, all things being relative, to have berry whipping wars with! (the worst if you were on a team against the older and larger boy cousins!) Those things really hurt when the guys were involved!