Saturday, 1 August 2015

Paul & Shanna

Today we had the joy of seeing Mary Lynn's youngest son Paul and his wonderful girl Shanna. It's just a weekend visit so we will pack in a lot of fun and love in a short time. They are stopping in on their way home to Calgary from a visit to Philip and Carol and Luke and Jennifer and Rebekah on PEI. 

It was wonderful to have Sean and his worker Bethany join us for the afternoon too. Apparently Sean is a fan of my blog and that makes me very happy!

Saying hello to Dana. 

Brown pop!

Max is glad for the cooler weather but like me his best season is snow. 

Talking about taking care of a cat yesterday. 

Such a beauty!

Happy greetings!

Cooper shared the cookies he made with Grandma with Caleb and Emily. 

These two were so cute together today. 

These two are always cute together. 

So are these. 

Bocci ball around the world. 

Do you see them?

Emily is a crack shot!

I think Mary and I had the same look. 

The game went pretty much everywhere. 

Henry's garden is pretty amazing. Lots more pictures from it another day. 

Who knew 12 year olds lose their eye teeth? Pretty new rose ear rings. 

Seabuckthorn makes a nice background. 

Nobody's cooler than Sean. 

Measuring got down to the width of a blade of grass. 

Summer has a bit to recommend it:

We were joined by some of Paul's friends from PEI who are going to school in town. The fit right in! 

Saying goodbye. 

More pictures later in this series too but I really love this one. 

I was the winner of the Wizard game!

But Karen celebrated losing big time too. 

Lots more butterfly pictures later too. Henry says they are often around but seldom stop moving. Today however they stayed put for ages. Long enough for me to change lenses and for Cooper and I to watch them for a long time. 

I know it's fanciful but it made me think that maybe Mary Lynn was there celebrating her boy with us. 


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