Saturday, 15 August 2015

Why did the squirrel cross the sidewalk

Just walking along on the way to the bird feeder. 

Whoa! Spotted a person with a big camera. 

Be cool. 

Really cool. 

Maybe she'll forget about me if the birds distract her. 

She won't see me behind here. 

So well hidden. 


Hey Joe watcha doing?


Shhhhh go back to dying your tail, I'm checking out this lady before I cross the sidewalk. She can't see me. 

Oh, okay. 

You sure?

Shhhh! Yes! Seriously, go get another box of Hair Club for Squirrels. Go away! 

Okay here I go. 

Whistles casually. 

We good? Are you an axe murderer?

See the decision here:

You still there?


Still here?
You win Joe, actually at this point the mosquitos and armpit level heat won and I scurried away home. 

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