Thursday, 6 August 2015

Cooper hops a train part 1

Today Cooper and Henry went on a train ride! There will be lots more pictures and probably a movie another day thanks to Karen. She and the kids met the train and hung out at the play park till it was time to tootle on home. 

In the meantime here are yesterday's pictures. 

And of course I juuuust missed him actually smelling the flower. 

My fuchsia flowers are coming back!

The mystery of what this purple stuff is attached to seems to be solved in the third picture but the why is still out there. 

Mary brought me some hens and chick plants. You may as well get used to seeing them because they fascinate me. 

Haven't been feeding the hummingbirds the bugs the sugar attracts seem to have defeated my will to do it but I might try again if my Rose of Sharon bush ever blooms big. It's malingering this year. 


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