Friday, 14 August 2015

Rockway Gardens Part 1

Today Henry kindly  took me over to Rockway Gardens. 

Strong memories of posing with ML on the bridge of the Halifax Public Garden. No fish in this area though. 

These hibiscus were huge!

Turns out what I've been calling Hibiscus over in front of long term care are actually Canna lilies, not to be confused with Calla lilies which I'm sure I will. 

Don't know what these are - pencil crayon shaving? - but they get the award for most aggressively cheerful flower of the day:

Love this little orange forest:

I was fascinated by the lovely purple underside of these bee pleasers:

Very brief but violent power struggle for the same flower happened here:

Lots to go around kids. 

The rest of the pictures another day. 

Meanwhile on Harry's walk closer to home:


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