Wednesday, 26 July 2017

At the splash pad

Today we were at the New Hamburg splash pad. It's slightly bigger than my bird bath.

Skeeter bites and fat lip from falls and he's still adorable.

The power of the button.

Lizzy with my water camera

This was hilarious. He was roaring and laughing and it was echoing inside the pail.

Day before flight.

So the baby birds are gone. I totally missed it. At first I thought they came back but I now know it was the dad. It all happened before noon. The early bird sees the babies fly away.

Mum does not want dad in the nest.

But he snuck in to do some housework anyway.

Same day as the babies left mum and dad are, how shall we say, honeymooning already. Circle of life.

A few minutes at rockway gardens.

Mary and I went to a nursery to get a spike plant for Harry to eat.

The next morning he saw it through the window, cried to get out, and ran excitedly to eat till he happily threw up.

Bug garden is bugging happily.

Miss my shade. I probably won't go over much till fall and winter.

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