Thursday, 20 July 2017

The last gazebo photo shoot

I didn't know it but July 10 with the Bruce family was the last time I got to be in the gazebo. Its already been torn down. Hopefully there will be a new one built soon! 

 I'm glad it was such a fun day with special people to remember it. 

Lizzy found a painted ladybug with her pirate knife. 

Picking the daisies was my idea. As you'll see later in the blog Lizzy replanted them. 

Logan picked up on seeing this chipmunk right away and calmly tried to feed it. Impressive as most kids immediately need to chase them. 

You can tell someone's been learning how to garden at Grandma's!

A bit more bird bath fun

And finally lots of happy shouts of Hi-ya Hi-ya on the way home. Looking forward to some more fun times before they head home!


Henry and I can barely remember him planting this bee balm plant but it is apparently very very happy in zero sun! Haven't seen any bees so far. 

Some cool evening light

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