Monday, 3 July 2017

Canada day and Mr and Mrs Jack Sparrow

So this happened on Canada day!

I've posted most of the pictures on my Facebook page but what I'd love you to do if you haven't already is to watch the video that I'll put at the end of this post. I do want to include these pictures of my 93 year old friend Bea. Doesn't she look like a queen?!

Today my friend Jessica stopped in for a visit. 

She brought some ping pong balls for Harry to play with which he is studiously avoiding but will likely bash about at 4 am. 

We sat out on the porch because it was such a lovely day. 

Jess checking her bonus Canada day roll up the rim. 

D'oh no go. 
Jess helped me with Harry's litter box cause I'm not quite up to that yet. Thanks Jessica!

Later I went for a little walk to the roses at the end of the building. 

I've been in recovery mode from the parade day exertion. I'm more than a little bored and frustrated with how long this wound is taking to heal. I have to remember that it is in fact healing, just really really slowly and the surgeon had said there was a 40 to 50 percent chance it wouldn't heal at all so I'm well ahead of that game. Anyway I want to walk a little bit each day so you may be seeing a lot of these roses. End of whine. 

One of the great thing about that Canada day parade was that I met tons of neighbours I didn't know before. These pink roses are directly in front of a gentleman's living room window so I'd never felt I should take pictures of them. Today he came outside and we chatted about the parade and he was happy to give me permission to shoot them. 

Meanwhile back on the porch...

Mr. Jack Sparrow had a wonky feather for much of the day. 

Mrs welcomed him home anyway. 

He brought home a big piece of plastic. Not sure how well that will breath in the nest. 

I figured out that if I don't want the kitchen light reflected in my fuchsia pictures I could turn the light off! Duh. Come on back hummingbirds. 

Harry had a porch sit and was scolded resoundingly. 

Happy to see squirrels even though I am not putting any food out for them or the birds. 

Aren't you the lady who used to go over to the gazebo and bring peanuts?


Who knows maybe plastic is good insulation. 

Feather finally fixed. 

And feeling fine. 

Don't see many finches. 

And they don't stay long. 

Harry has been dying for a night walk but made do with an evening one. 

He ate so much grass that he threw up all over the sidewalk so I figured I better clean up after him like the dog owners do since that's what it looked like. 

Here's the Canada day video I promised you.  I think if you looked up good sports in the dictionary you'd find these people:

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  1. A very pleasing set of pictures and the video I found entertaining and uplifting. Good to see people joining in and enjoying themselves