Saturday, 29 July 2017

Three billy goats gruff

Just as most kids would rather play with the box than the gift, we had as much fun with a little bridge as with a new state of the art play park on Wednesday.

Heather is doing a lot of following these days.

And Lizzy enjoys a good fairy tale so this bridge quickly became a story.

Anne is the best Grandma. She sees these kids in person only once a year because they live in Scotland but with Skype and the mail she is a very real presence in their lives.

She's the best grumpy troll too!

The story wrote it's self. Just needed the third goat

Here's the troll video:

Just a few pictures from our porch area. Harry hasn't wanted to walk far and distance isn't my forte yet either. My wound has finally closed yay! But activity is still not comfortable. And it's very very frustrating that activity includes sitting upright!

Harry is deeply in love with his spike plant. It is delicious as you can see!

It's quiet in birdville as they lay the next set of eggs.

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