Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Orange lilies and squirrel underpants

Today Harry and I lay in wait for hummingbirds. When he's on the job he does actually help me notice the birds by reacting to them. 

We got one! Well it's a little where's Waldo but there's a hummingbird in these next two pictures. Promise. 

Just the nose here. 

We sat out on the porch for a while. My porch chair is actually comfortable for a few minutes as I continue to recover from surgery. My rollator is not which is why Harry and I can't do long walks. 

But at least we got off the porch!

I went out later and found the setting sun enjoying these lilies. 

And also kissing this flowerbed that's between flowers. 

I follow more animals on Instagram than people and Jill the squirrel is a favorite. She was rescued as a baby during a hurricane and lives indoors with her people. 

Clearly meant as a joke cause it doesn't go past her knees :-)

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