Sunday, 16 July 2017

Karen and Dana's big adventure

Dana and Karen headed west to Calgary for Paul and Shanna's wedding at 4;30 am Thursday morning and they flew back this afternoon - Sunday! There was not a great deal of sleep in between!


Wedding peeps!

Deborah and Heather and their guys flew out Thursday too but are staying a week.

I'm sure there were lots of good hugs. ML taught these boys well!

There was zero silliness.

Some of Paul's art in his home.

The next day Dana stampeded. All those years of line dancing paid off.

On Saturday they got to see the ladies getting ready

And hang with some cool people

Finally everyone hopped in the tub and got gussied up

They even got to see the bride and groom reveal!

All dressed up and ready to wedding!

Wedding pictures later. Hopefully the ladies are home safe fast asleep.

Shanna's beautiful and meaningful bouquet.

The baby birds are getting more lift and more vocal.

And finally finally finally a hummingbird hung around for 30 seconds!

Chasing off the wasp

Cooper dropped in. He tried to gently help me with the hat but Harry wasn't having it.

He was much happier to play feather with Cooper.

Thunder storm flowers

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