Saturday, 15 July 2017

Hitched in Calgary

Paul and Shanna are married!

Sorry for the false advertising there will be other posts with more wedding pictures but we're just so happy for them and we know Mary Lynn would be too! Speaking of ML look at her grand daughter Rebekah!

So adorable and a mini me of ML for sure

Back to my porch birds

Babies! Not sure how many but at least two.

Mom and dad are run ragged all day bringing food!

I decided to go to the gazebo today.

I was quite shocked to see this!

I'm trying not to see this as the end of something but more the beginning of something new. I just hope, and will ask, that they leave the bench. Truthfully the roof did not really stop rain anymore but it was shade. And maybe this is where I get even more involved in fund raising.

This plan is in my flowerbed. I think it is trying to get in my window.


Mum dives in and  removes garbage.


Turning around

Maybe some part of the eggs being cleaned up?


Pile up at the drive throuh window

Poor Harry took a dive at the birds through the window and lost. He's fine, he just went and lay down for a nap.

Jo helped me understand not to fill up the bath too much. the birds need to be able to stand on the floor of it. They are not ducks wanting to swim! It's a fine line though because I saw some birds trying to drink and they couldn't reach.

I would be happy if this became a regular resting spot.

Mom and dad taking a little break

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